Top Five Tricks to Improve Your Next Haircut

Nobody Wants a Bad Haircut


That feeling you get when you leave the barbershop and your haircut isn’t exactly what you expected.  Ugh.

You’re not alone; 95% of Great Clips’ customers that left reviews on Consumer Affairs, expressed dissatisfaction with their haircuts.

But before you go blaming the barber, let’s make sure you aren’t contributing to the demise of your haircut.

Assuming your barber is skilled and proficient at cutting hair, the following list will ensure your haircut is out of this world.


Top Five Tricks


Lose the Hat

I know, you just rolled out of bed and the last thing you want to do is walk into the barbershop with your hair looking like a horror film version of Donald Trump, so you throw a hat on.

The reality is that wearing a hat compresses your hair, which makes it hard to get the movement needed to blend the hair appropriately.


Sit-Up Straight

Sitting up straight may not be as comfortable as slouching down in the chair, but mastering this tip will give you a supreme advantage when it comes to getting a good haircut.

For the barber, having your head in the correct position is crucial. Often times the barber is working off of angles and symmetry, so if your body is slouched down or slightly tilted, it will throw off the whole haircut.

The best thing to do is push your rear-end all the way back into the chair until it can’t go any further and be sure to uncross your legs, this will ensure that your head is in the proper position.

Here are a few additional tips from Hair Romance about the importance of sitting up straight while getting a haircut.


Ditch the Chewing Gum

I see it often, just before a guy hops into the barber’s chair, he pops a stick of gum in his mouth.  While the gesture is appreciated (assuming it’s to minimize bad breath), it’s a sure way to lessen the chance of receiving a good haircut.

Right now, place both hands on your head directly above your ears and pretend that you are chewing gum.

Feel the movement?

No further explanation needed.


Shampoo Your Hair

Aside from it being unpleasant to work on unwashed hair, having clean hair is probably the number one factor that will ensure your barber is able to give you a good haircut.

Anything that is in the hair causing it to bind together will restrict the ability to cut the hairs individually, which is needed to blend appropriately. This applies to the natural oil produced by your scalp and/or any product that is added to your hair prior to your haircut.

Katie Chang offers great advice about the importance of shampooing daily, in her article: If You’re Not Shampooing Your Hair Everyday, You’re Doing It Wrong

Believe me when I tell you this—your barber knows when your hair hasn’t been shampooed.  Don’t be that guy.


Avoid Magazines/Newspapers/Cell-Phones

It may seem like a good time to catch up on emails, read an article or simply scroll through an Instagram feed, but when you’re in the barber’s chair, preoccupying yourself with one of these mediums is a sure way to increase the odds of a bad haircut.

Remember head position?

When you’re looking down at a magazine your head is going to be in a position that will compromise the quality of your haircut.  Not to mention, every time you turn a page or check a text message it creates head movement.

Use your time in the barber’s chair as a chance to take a break. Turn off your phone, close your eyes, and enjoy the moment.


Turn Your Next Haircut Into a Winner

Consider your head as a canvas and the barber an artist.  Having a clean and stationary target for an artist to work on will in a better painting (assuming the artist knows how to paint).

With cutting hair, it’s the same.

Barbers don’t expect you to be a mummy when you sit in the chair, but following the suggestions listed above will definitely increase the odds of you getting a better haircut.

It’s true; you do have control over the outcome of your haircut.

The next time you’re in the barber’s chair do a quick inventory check: Am I sitting up straight?  Is my hair freshly shampooed?

Am I holding my head still?  If the answer is yes to all of those questions, then you are doing your part and now it’s time for the barber to do theirs!

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